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The trade in the column `the writing on the wall – What CME Bitcoin Make Futures with the price? - Bitcoin News easy newsbusiness.news

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Information The trade in the column `the writing on the wall – What CME Bitcoin Make Futures with the price? - Bitcoin News

Title :  The trade in the column `the writing on the wall – What CME Bitcoin Make Futures with the price? - Bitcoin News
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Date of publication :   2019-10-01
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Frames The trade in the column `the writing on the wall – What CME Bitcoin Make Futures with the price? - Bitcoin News

Description The trade in the column `the writing on the wall – What CME Bitcoin Make Futures with the price? - Bitcoin News

This post is the third in a negotiation tips series called "the writing On the wall– in which our theory of the game guide Eric wall, you try to predict the future. In this post; Speaks of the CME futures, in General, it is simple–let’s be more specific, in the case of a dive. We and rsquo;s views, who, in reality, the marketing of these in the future and why, see if we pressure on prices, assumptions about that.

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CME Long compared to the Short positions

In every futures contract is not’s a long and a short position and underlying asset (in this case, bitcoin). The long position is taken by a trader, you will benefit from an increase in the price of the underlying asset, and short positions taken by the trader desired to benefit from a decline in the price of the underlying asset. The price of bitcoin is determined by the CME CF the Bitcoin, the key rate (BRR), a price index consisting of the Kraken, Itbit, GDAX and Bitstamp.

It is very rare that two dealers will be displayed on the exchange, at the exact same time for a trade. Instead, it is the counterparty to the futures contract is almost always a market maker, the reporting about yourself with the buying or shorting the underlying, in order to win, the spread of trade. So, we have two scenarios:

Dealer of length, market maker short

Length: Bitcoin has virtually no mouth, but it is limited on the low. Investors who want exposure to bitcoin, you can long on the CME futures, and the not try to this exhibition, you can easily avoid. Therefore, traders are longing interest in the CME futures mainly from the then.

Summary: For the market maker, short-circuit-futures and the purchase of bitcoin in the spot market is simple — not bitcoin exchange in the UNITED States as a twin and GDAX can be bought regulated where bitcoin. If the price of bitcoin is the future that creates in the la mancha (a market situation called contango), an opportunity of use for the market maker. However, the CME futures can be clumsy a little bit, this maneuver is executed, effective as of the contract size, 5 INSERTS and a minimum price of the auction of $25, which limits the accuracy and granularity of such hedging transactions. A further obstacle is too big and strong to meet the 35% margin requirement, it is entirely reasonable in view of the danger of an " active, which provides as volatile as bitcoin the clearing house. However, it is very expensive for the market-maker for the participation in this activity.

Merchant, short, market maker long

Summary: The natural candidate for the short-circuit of the CME futures on the industrial miners from Bitmain bitcoin. The short position allows the miners to sell to in the future in bitcoins in advance, it can be very helpful to the improvement of the cash flow, the efficiency of their mining. The mountain people is not the big risks due to the short-circuit of bitcoin, such as contracts of the bitcoins that you mine, that usually can predict, with some accuracy.

Other possible shorters are event-driven hedge funds, which try to overcome, to a pure celebration of the strategies by the introduction of the strategic short positions, if you believe that the market is overbought. Selling of bitcoins in the spot market is usually not an alternative in such cases. The hedge-Fund limit to save often, the most developed in the age of bitcoins in cold storage multi-signature addresses where bitcoins only can be moved, in accordance with certain protocols in order to limit the risk of theft of insider information, or theft. At least CME—the second phase of the opening, the short-circuit by the CME, a medium faster than the acceptance of one’s exhibition of the bitcoin selling price.

However, since the CME is currently not bitcoin is accepted as a guarantee for the establishment of initial and variation margin obligations, shorters, up to 35% enter your short position in us DOLLARS, in order to be able, in a trade that greatly limits their applicability in many cases. The short circuit will thus mainly come from the dealers with the largest portfolios and assign the necessary space for another position temporarily, i.e., funds that trade the most active, you just bitcoin. However, the traders have to be interested in less, probably because of a short-circuit of bitcoin in the first place, like you can’t compete against the celebration of strategies, such as active cryptocurrency managed hedge funds.

There is also the possibility that the futures market can be used to manipulate, the price of bitcoin is. The theory is that the governments and the banks concerned about the destructive power of bitcoin brings your scheme, collects bitcoin on the spot market over a longer period of time and occur in large lever short positions, before the image on the coins on the spot market. In this way, the manipulators could potentially profit very much at once, at the same time, the harm to the market and bitcoin’s the tool on the volatility.

Length: currently, there Is no suitable place, the short-circuit of bitcoin on the spot market. The market-maker, the want, enter long positions on the futures market, therefore, is not a good form of hedging have. But is a very interesting opportunity for a different group of participants in the market; the bitcoin holders. There will be a lack of market-maker, to longs, this paper could be served by the players with large amounts of bitcoin, which leads up to now only in the cold storage.

If the price is lower in the future, in the la mancha (a situation on the market so-called backwardation), bitcoin headlines your bitcoins to sell on the spot market and a lot of the future. This gives you the bitcoin holders a chance to win, a performance to the storage in the refrigeration bitcoins, the war’t possible before they really improved the usefulness of bitcoin as an asset for investors. But the same questions concerning the margin requirements, contract and tick sizes apply to this group as a market maker in the short group from the top.

The comparison of these groups 

Traders enter long positions are probably looking for investors to have exposure to bitcoin. I think we can assume that this is a great group. On the other side, we’ve hedge Fund are looking for, got them to reduce their temporary exhibition, miners, and potentially manipulative. Because there is currently no way to know whether the manipulation is performed, is not useful to take into account that this comparison. As such, I believe that the pressure of the market on the CME futures to a high degree, of the longer side.

On the market of the decisions seems to be, practically, to short, to long. This serves to reduce the volatility rises, but the increase in volatility, low in comparison to others. However, the market-maker depends on the market liquidity and are therefore less interesting for this analysis. However, you can tie the futures market to the spot market, that is the reason why the CME bitcoin futures will be very important for the price of bitcoin.

Conclusion: My feeling about the impact of the CME futures is that there will be a net positive for the price of bitcoin.

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A special thanks to Scott Millar and Joel Blom, of the he his ideas about this thing to me in carrying out this analysis. 

What do you think of the CME futures prospects? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Bitcoin, the price of the goods and of the markets, the updates are for informational purposes only and should not be used as advice for trading. Or Bitcoin.com the author is responsible for the losses or gains, as the final decision on the implementation of a trade by the reader. Always remember that only those that are in the possession of the private key in the control of the “money.”

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