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Information South Korea Has North Korea as a crypto-jacking Guilty

Title :  South Korea Has North Korea as a crypto-jacking Guilty
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Date of publication :   2019-10-12
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Frames South Korea Has North Korea as a crypto-jacking Guilty

Description South Korea Has North Korea as a crypto-jacking Guilty

Intelligence, South Korea, officials turned to North Korea as the responsible behind a chain of crypto-jacking cases in the whole country.

North Korea Continues to Mine Crypto in South Korea the equipment

According to a new collection of intelligence, report, powered by a next visit to North Korea, site of nuclear-test-ban Treaty (ctbt) by the inspectors of the international imposed by the government of the audit of South Korea has a secret revealed a service (NIS), the North Korean hackers that are still on the mining of cryptocurrencies with hacked computers in the whole of South Korea.

NEI believes that North Korea is a crypto-jacking unsuspecting computer users discovered as a means to generate cash flow in the economy, the confrontation countries, and continue with the use of malware, the beginning of this year.

In January, the company's cyber-security alien vault identified malware application that in connection with North Korea, which has been used to the hijacking computers and using them to mine cryptocurrency.

The detected malware data mining for Monero (XMR), the privacy focused cryptocurrency is often in the middle of most of the crypto-jacking case, send it to a server of Kim-Il-Sung University is located in the city of Pyongyang, North Korea. Similar efforts, North Korea continues with its neighboring country, the computer causes to ensure that the officials of the government.

North Korea, the Growing interest in Crypto More

North Korea and the interest in crypto currencies doesn't stop with crypto-jacking. The thief of nation is also said to have started for a few cryptocurrency fraud investment, to use to avoid cryptocurrencies, or.s. the economic sanctions, and perhaps even the development of a cryptocurrency of their own.

In the last week, a report emerged that can be selected since the signing of the research for the future Registered and is currently published on the internet browsing habits, the officials of the government of North Korea.

The investigation revealed that North Korea was responsible, which was a two-cryptocurrency -: a test of the coins bet by the name of "hold" and a false " ICO " called the Marine chain. The two vehicles of investments were used to cheat the investors their hard-earned money.

North Korea together with Iran and Russia on the review of the use of cryptocurrencies for the avoidance of economic sanctions by the trumpet of the administration. Regardless of the financial analysts of Lourdes Miranda, and Ross Delston revealed in an interview that North Korea is the use of "a plurality of heat exchangers, mix-and travel-related services" in the mirror silver wash with the help of cryptography.

In addition, the duo was that North Korea could be the outcome of Iran in the development of their own national cryptocurrency, their efforts to avoid sanctions. Then the country could be the use of the cryptocurrency anonymously in the "presentation of the not-in contrast to the nation", in an attempt to cover their tracks and disguise the origin of funds.

Fuente: https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/11/01/south-korea-points-to-north-korea-as-cryptojacking-culprit/

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Everything was so cheap when this video was uploaded, now S gear is 60k and chests are 5k
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Bro nice vid . Can u tell me what is the name of the soundtrack at the begining of the video please?
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Dead game
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