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Information Love 'eat BCH' – the P2P-case-electronics -to-Food - Bitcoin news

Title :  Love 'eat BCH' – the P2P-case-electronics -to-Food - Bitcoin news
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Date of publication :   2019-10-02
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Frames Love 'eat BCH' – the P2P-case-electronics -to-Food - Bitcoin news

Description Love 'eat BCH' – the P2P-case-electronics -to-Food - Bitcoin news

In the last few months in the year 2018 to fly under the radar, it’s  developed a new love, to feed the Venezuelan people and their children — a group called ‘eat BCH.’ The group was the subject of many bitcoin cash (BCH) donations to feed the hungry of the interior of the country’economy is difficult. The donations will be to prove that a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, for those who need it.

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‘eat BCH’ diet Venezuelans Using Bitcoin in cash

The economy in Venezuela was hit by hyperinflation and the turbulence of the economy, he left the citizens in the streets of hunger and unemployment. The country’s currency, the Bolivar, so it is useless, people don’to leave t, cash weigh more fiat batteries on a scale. Over the years in Venezuela’crisis worsens, have noticed the people, the use of cryptocurrencies has been, is to help the citizens of the region. Individuals and groups from all corners of the world, with the donations of money to people in need, and the country’citizens were mining cryptocurrencies so.

Now, a new charity called ‘eat BCH’ was the help for people who suffer from the difficult economic conditions. The group has begun the collection of bitcoin donations of money for the last couple of months and have been using the money to buy food and supplies to people in need. Almost every day, for more than three months, the group’on Twitter account photos of children and adults of all types of food — and’ all paid for with bitcoin, in cash. Many Venezuelans in photos the biggest smile on your face shows how grateful for the food.

The ‘eat BCH’ group, explains how grateful you are for the exchange of the CENTRE of the community for the promotion of economic freedom and help the citizens of Venezuela. Anonymous-based Twitter-love the usa, the 11. March:    

We have a peer-to-peer electronic cash register-for-food

BCH donations Bolivar life a Lot Easier

Love frozen like bitcoin bar is able to circumvent the sanctions, bank block, and the governments, and the conversion of these funds into the food that feeds the people. and for the artist;the entire project has demonstrated that it is not just that he’you can earn money with bitcoin, but also the generosity of the CENTRE for the whole community”, ‘eat BCH’ explains to his disciples. Many photos and ‘eat BCH’ measures, in order to demonstrate that the children eat the food, paid for with the BCH group, through the provision of bags with food, and every Saturday, the team eat a Bolivar nursing home offers.

24. In March, the charity ‘eat BCH’ she has the food for a group of women with at least one child, and explained the gifts that you life much easier. The member of the team of the day:

We delivered several bags of food, which are necessary to the mothers of this community, and today — All of these women have at least to take care of a child. The CENTER of the exchange of gifts, the you life much easier — I Thank you.

Until now, the ‘eat BCH’ team received more than eight BCH, and has documented, every time you are out, and the people of the fed. Eight BCH may not seem like a lot of money in areas such as the United STATES, but also a hundred dollars can feed large groups of people in Venezuela. Exchange CENTER for the community, it was thrilled to see bitcoin Fund in action to feed the people who are in need, suffering in a country, the economic situation is disastrous. A research group through the garbage in search of food, and donations from the BCH-promoters, which were fed with fresh food in the day.   

What do you think, you eat BCH charity? Do you believe that cryptocurrencies are a great way to promote economic freedom? Let us know what you think of this topic in the comments below.

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Dead game
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