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Information 'A Blockchain': An Ambitious Project Crypto-Kin Forks Road Map [New]

Title :  'A Blockchain': An Ambitious Project Crypto-Kin Forks Road Map [New]
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Date of publication :   2019-08-05
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Frames 'A Blockchain': An Ambitious Project Crypto-Kin Forks Road Map [New]

Description 'A Blockchain': An Ambitious Project Crypto-Kin Forks Road Map [New]

The developers of Kin, the cryptocurrency created by the social media app Kik, announced that the cryptographer is key to suffer a great development of the transformation you're looking for in order to marry, and scalability with an intuitive user interface.

The Relatives of the Foundation revealed on Wednesday that in an issue of the crypto project earlier plans, go to work, the developers are "all in" in a separate Kin-blockchain.

"A father, of a blockchain. It is to develop our vision and our strategy, while we strive to create an infrastructure that supports it," said Ted Livingston, ceo of kinship, and the chat on the app Kik. To change "through the abolition of the European atomic energy community, and cut them to a different back-end complexity, what would prevent the developers and the consumers easy adoption of Kin. This is the next step in our goal of us one of the most used cryptocurrency in the world."

Today's announcement is at least the fourth time that people who are in love, the developers have brought a significant change in the blockchain of the infrastructure, the support, the encryption key, how to run, the largest mass of the integration of cryptocurrency is one of the major consumers of the application.

Kin was originally exist, sold by the first currency of the offer (ICO) in Ethereum, where they existed (and still) as the EWC-20 chips. However, the situation is difficult, the Ethereum as a "dial-up", was the blockchain, Livingston later announced that the next of kin of the Foundation has decided to port the witness to Stellar, including the federated model of consensus, which allowed for a faster, less expensive transactions.

A few months later, in March of 2018, the developers of the roadmap is specified changed again, that the parents might be able to run in parallel in the Primetime Ethereum, which allows you the benefits of speed and liquidity.

Frustrated by the Stellar alleged in the short term, the inability to achieve the scale of enterprise"," the project is the last course, once again, in may, and the developers announced that they held the fork in Stellar was the introduction of a stand-alone Kin blockchain, to be used during bi-directional communication with Ethereum, the last of the ubiquity and liquidity.

Now, or at least for the short-term future, the plan is to place the holder for the Ethereum and the port of token, which the developers say is the delivery, regardless of Kin blockchain, such as, "negating the need for complicated workflows user" and simplifies the crypto adoption.

"The migration is fully in the Kin Blockchain, the complexity of the swaps, clears confusion eliminated to have created two kinds of Related chips, and simplifies the process of integration, both for the trade and the consumer demand," wrote gadi Srebnik, Kin of the blockchain, the leader of the team, in a blog.

Details about the migration of the Ethereum to Kin single blockchain network have not been announced yet.

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Everything was so cheap when this video was uploaded, now S gear is 60k and chests are 5k
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Bro nice vid . Can u tell me what is the name of the soundtrack at the begining of the video please?
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Dead game
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